Emmy is a Miniature Sicilian Donkey. She was rescued with her mother, Molly (who has since passed away) in 2002 from a local fair after she was foaled in a van on the way to Vermont from Kentucky. At the time, Emmy, also known as Emma, was a few months old and sickly. After arriving at the farm, she had to spend 14 days recovering from malnutrition and pneumonia at the Rochester Equine Clinic in southern New Hampshire. Years later, Emmy is now very healthy and full of life. She loves visitors and scratches; especially being groomed by the children during our educational sessions. She cherishes her role as “queen of the goat pen”.

  • The Miniature Sicilian Donkey is native to the Mediterranean Islands of Sicily and Sardinia and are known for their great affection.
  • At maturity, they stand less than three feet tall at the shoulder.
  • Their gray coat is characterized by a characteristic “cross”, a dark stripe that runs across their shoulders.
  • Male donkeys are referred to as “jacks”, female donkeys are “jennies”, and baby donkeys are called “foals”.
  • Like horses, their diet consists of grain and hay.
  • This rare breed can no longer be imported to the United States.
  • Miniature Sicilian Donkeys can live from 30 to 40 years of age.